ilias is a composer, currently stationed in athens, greece. prior to that he stayed for a good 3 years in brooklyn, NY, where he studied composition alongside tania j. leon, douglas cohen and ben bierman at brooklyn college conservatory of music.

this stay yielded the following premiers:

” 0times1 “ 2010 for percussion trio, trombone and electronics
” crabster “ 2010 for new music ensemble “thingNY”
” toothpic “ 2010 for wind ensemble
” steven seagull “ 2010, commissioned by mampre kasardjian for his recital at “the collective” school of music, for piano, double bass, electric bass, and drums
” wooden ladies “ 2009, for violin, cello, clarinet, marimba, electric bass, bass-baritone and soprano
” little teaspoon “ 2009 for the “remarkable theater brigade”, for soprano and tenor
” dasumade “ 2008, for brass quartet

while in NY, ilias participated in the “john lennon songwriting contest” with the first song he ever wrote “little chair”, which was one of the two finalists for the state of NY for 2009.

as a performer, he continued performing with his greek founded improv duo “onetimesone“, as well as a percussionist for “thingNY”, and performance artist/singer/songwriter joesph keckler, and also sang as a bass for the brooklyn college conservatory of music chamber choir

2011 finds ilias back in athens, deep in the process of mixing the tracks for his first album “kites”, scheduled for release around the end of the same year with works composed and recorded before 2009 —UPDATE visit this release’s site!—, pre-producing material for the next release and flirting with the film-scoring business, the results of which you can find here. be sure to check back as there is more to be added soon.