music for image

flight at the museum” (string quartet, vibraphone, basson and oboe) – honorary distinction at drama film festival (2011), Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (2012) by

b38 fashion video | come out and play – shot and edited by ilektra poirazoglou

2012 music for image reel – edited by ilektra poirazoglou

ident vol. 1.0” (bass, drums, vocals, el. guitar) – live action/animation short by

animasyros 4.0” (violins, vibraphone and glockenspiel) – official animation short of “animasyros 4.0 international animation festival & forum” by


“chef a la place du chef” (harmonica, electric guitars, electric bass, glockenspiel, violins, percussion) – Sarajevo Talent Campus #5 (2011) ~ decent speakers or headphones for propper low end playback encouraged ~ by

b38 fashion video | Spring – Summer 2014 – shot and edited by ilektra poirazoglou

“walk with none special” (marimba, vibraphone, electric bass, electric guitars, drums) by